Akashic Records Experience

I love living in Sedona, the first multi-dimensional learning center on Earth!! Just went this weekend to two short classes on Akashic Therapy, taught by Amanda Romania, at her shop, Atlantis, here in Sedona. Amanda has written several books on Akashic Therapy. The one I read was very easy to understand and informative! I love her style of teaching and she is a very genuine, who emanates such love and acceptance! :) If you are interested in learning, she will be holding more classes on Akashic records.

Everyone has Akashic records, as theses etheric files, or databases, hold everything we have every done, said, thought, experienced, etc, - all of our lives, past, present, future, and in between. Handy information! Felt it was high time, I learned how to access them. Reading other lifetimes and timelines is not my speciality, tho I have done it in sessions, not realizing I was most likely accessing these records. Now I know how to, and found it very easy to do! I will be adding this to sessions!

In class, we did a short meditation to take us into our own files, one class was on the past, the other future. My past, I saw myself sitting on this beautiful horse, I was a knight, living in Glastonbury, England around 1142. I had some vows I needed to clear! Poverty vows in fact, so I cleared that!

For the future, I found myself in an glass elevator moving up towards the top of the building. At first I was not sure where I was and then realized I was looking out over my home planet, Erra, which is in the Pleiades. I felt I was getting ready to leave, to go on assignment, as that is what galactic peacekeepers do, they travel all over the galaxy, assisting to keep the peace on a large scale! Lol. :) Ties into my Way-seer duties! I looked look I do now, I had read we look the same or similar, life to life, but in this case, my hair was much longer, I was much taller and thinner, oh yea, and dressed in my peacekeeper garb, tall black boots, and a very long cape with a hood, very Jedi knight looking! I cried through almost the entire experience! I have learned that I always cry when something is true!!!