Choosing Peace

Choosing peace: p=personally e=embracing a= ascension c=compassion e=elation! As we choose to personally ascend our own inner darkness through choosing compassion and elation, we can find greater peace! We will find the light and the love! It all starts with ourselves. Everything we do effects everyone else, as we truly are a collective energy, all born from the one Prime Creator. There is no separation, no us and them, tho we do experience individualism. We are all one small raindrop in the sea of the collective, vibrating at its own frequency.

What frequency do u want to broadcast today? A frequency of Peace, love, joy, happiness? Or not? It's entirely up to us to choose our frequency, but please understand, that our frequency helps to create the collective energy, the consciousness of humanity. If we choose peace, our frequency then broadcasts this energy to the collective. When enough people choose this frequency, it will become a reality on this planet! . :)

Namaste Heyde :) @ A Celestial Solution