Two More Fairy Inspiration cards!

Two more Fairy Inspiration cards are officially "created" and will be here in a few weeks!! That gives me a total of 4 that are ready, Dream, Air, Fire and Cosmos.. so I have just 38 images/messages to go! LOL

So far, all the inspirational messages have been a breeze, coming through pretty clear except the Dream fairy, who in his typical illusive style, gave me a jumble of discombobulated messages that took me all day to sort out! Seriously...all day, tho the dream fairy messages were actually channeled over several months of time! I just kept writing them down as I would receive/hear them. His message has been the only one so far like that. All the other fairies, pretty much give me most of the message at once, which is really delightful.

Tracy Dunbar, is the lovely artist of this amazing and beautiful collection of fairy images. You can check out her work at All Fairy Inspiration Cards are infused by me with a rainbow of Reiki energies, Love, Light, Fairy, Angelic and Light Language Blessings. Both Tracy and I are Reiki Masters, we met in a Reiki Master class here in Sedona, where I was on my 2nd go round of Master Training, many moons ago. As for Me.... the every eager over achiever..LOL, I am a Reiki master in 6 different types of Reiki, so when I say a rainbow of Reiki, I am not kidding! LOL These cards are not your ordinary run of the mill Inspiration cards!

The deck has taken us 3 years to create..some of the images were Tracy's inspirations and some of them were mine, with all of the fairy messages channeled in by me, myself and I. I do all the additional energy infusions after they are done, tho Ms. Tracy had her Reiki going as well, while drawing the images!! I can not even tell you or describe, how excited and joyfully I feel to see these cards come into creation! Its been a long time coming and I know the fairies are darn excited to be seen and heard as well. More info soon on purchasing these awesome cards!