New Psychic Development course

I love how the word "chic" is in the word Psychic! Every being on this planet has Psychic abilities, its a gift we all have..some of us, such as my self, have alot of practice under our belt! lol 26 years worth in this case. I am in the development stages of a email Psychic development class. There will be a base class that will teach about the how we receive energy, the 6 psychic abilities, the energy field, and chakras, among other info. Then there will be additional modules that will allow you to branch off and learn Animal Communication and Mediumship. I will offer both a professional and non professional class, as not every wants to do this as a profession. Once you learn the basic psychic/intuitive skills, its easy to learn how to talk with the animals and those folks who are living in another dimension. I will also have modules on Psychic drawing and auto writing. I am not sure how long it will take me to get these classes ready, possibly up to a year, at my current speed of development..LOL I may do videos and audio clips, along with a manual. Still deciding. I also will be available for a private class if u want or need additional instruction. I am trying to create a system that is flexible, easy to follow and learn, fun and meets peoples needs without costing big bucks! I feel that everyone can learn how to utilize their psychic abilities if they so choose. Curious to know what do you feel would be of most benefit to you, to learn via correspondence?