Food for Thought

Right, wrong, good, bad..3rd dimensional adjectives, that scream duality!!..Life is just an experience... that is either painful, pleasurable or a combo of both..the minute we start labeling with 3D terms such as these, we could be standing in judgement of the experience and can limit ourselves..and heck why do that??? Who says we have to view it as good or bad, or right or wrong???.. For example.....Just because I burned the biscuits I was baking... does that I mean I did something wrong or they taste bad? ( burnt maybe! Stayed in the oven to long, Coming from another viewpoint, maybe it's in my advantage to have done so, as I will learn a new way to cook even tastier biscuits! So, for the last few days, I have been making a very conscious effect to eliminate these specific "duality" adjectives, totally from my vocabulary, replacing them instead with a more accurate assessment of the experience,..instead of judging my experience..I am choosing to just observe the experience instead, using more colorful words to describe the experience. Of course easier said than done, as I was so surprised, shocked actually... to see how many times I said the word "Good." So I have been doing alot of stopping and starting of my sentences lately replacing with new colorful adjectives such as awesome, wonderful, holy crap, seriously, wow, to cool, marvelous, fabu and interesting ! Tonight's challenge...see how many times u say the word Good and Bad in one day!