Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Everything we experience in life, essentially comes from our beliefs.. And our experiences can be either painful, pleasurable or a combo of both..it's up to US to decide how we want to "experience" these experiences and of course, what we want to think and believe as well. So if life is handing us lemons, and we prefer lemonade, here is some food for thought 1. What are we believing that is creating this experience? Our beliefs will mirror our reality as they are, along with our thoughts, creating and attracting our current reality...Thus Time for some examination. Change the belief & thought, and change the creation and attraction.. 2. What thoughts are we choosing and allowing ourselves to have? Everything in life is a choice and at no time do we every, NOT have a choice. It just may not appear that way, not be our favorite choice or the one we want to make. 3. What is our attitude? Are we going South with the unhappy's or North with the Joy, West with the boredoms or East with apathy?? Our attitude helps fuel our thoughts, beliefs, desires and passions. Choose what direction u want them to go as we are solely responsible for how we experience our life. 4. What are we allowing or limiting in our life? For example, if we want a new job, but we still have chosen not to take action to find a new one, then we are not ALLOWING, the old to go and the new to come in.. We will have to step out of our comfort zone and take some kind of action, especially if we want to experience that new job...tho other changes can be applied to a current circumstance, just by adjusting our attitudes. Maybe a change of job is not needed, rather a change of attitude, as we just feel bored or stagnate. Then time to bring in the broom and sweep out the old energy to help feel renewed again! Awe, The Joy of introspection!! There are limitless possibilities in the universal and this is by no means the only way to to turn life into lemonade, but its one way that just just tumbled out of my mind this morning...Namaste!