A Holiday Request

Prime Creator..this just arrived from one of your renegade system busters on assignment on planet Earth. I thought u might like to read it!

Dearest Creator of the Universe, I have some tall orders that I would like to place for Christmas this year: 1. A ban on all factory farming across the globe and the end of animal abuse on this planet!! Many of our fellow animal friends are experiencing horrific abuse and living in hellish conditions! 2. A quick & easy transition for those who want to, from 3D consciousness to 4D thinking/consciousness asap! 5D is better but I do not want to overstep here! In other words, Easy ascension! 3. An equal distribution of the energy called Money - to all citizens on this planet. Fair wages, abundance and prosperity for all. 4. The end of all abuses towards our Mother Earth, fellow animal guests and any being on this planet, trees, plants, rocks and ETs included, who may be experiencing any abuse of any kind! 5. That ideally, the powers that be, chose to do things for the greater good of ALL! Fairness and equality prevail! 6. A permanent ban on all GMO's across the globe!!!! The complete collapse of all entities trying to poison the food system. 7. Ideally, a mass recognition, awareness and acceptance that we are ALL from you Creator, are ALL ONE being and are all just expressing ourselves in a trillion different ways. I ask this according to everyones divine will..I want to respect all beings feelings, choices and decisions. And I understand not everyone will want to believe or think this. 8. The end of the frequency control on the planet with an awaking of the true understanding of the human being & spirit. 9. The energy of love, peace, joy, happiness, understanding, compassion and ONENESS to envelope the entire planet! 10. And Finally, I would LOVE to see a true balance occur on Mother Earth.. The demise of the dark energy team being in control of planet Earth and the light team stepping up to the plate, shining our light in every sector, allowing Mother Earth and her inhabitants to ascend to their highest desire. Ideally, I would love to see a balance occur.. the dark and light finally choosing to work together as a team instead of against each other. We are all in this together, and we all need each other!
*I could ask for more, but this will do for now! Namaste, One of your Pleiadian system busters- Heyde