The Trigger of The New Earth: The Donald

Rarely every post anything political..but felt inclined to share my view in my blog….

**To be CLEAR: No I AM NOT Pro Trump, ( Or The Hillary) I DO NOT like his behavior, NOR DO I trust him. His wife is the better half of this deal tho! 😊😊. I am praying for our environment as I type this, as God knows what environmental controls are going to get tossed out the window in this administration. No, I do not see he is draining the swamp. No, I do not feel he is the best solution or the solution by any means. He is simply the TRIGGER for change. He was chosen by HALF of the American people to led our Nation in a different direction and while I do not like the choice of candidate to do that, I respect it. I am totally onboard with change, which was why I wanted Bernie man in the first place. I remain skeptically hopeful, honestly. I am a fair and open minded and open hearted, free thinker, who feels it's important to see and focus on what we want our World to be. I damn sure do not want to see this man fail..We (Our Nation) are already knee deep in shit, we do not need to be drowned in the bargain. He has my goodwill and support to help him follow through..that's it..everything else he has to prove to me. Which so far, what I see..well…not so great. I did read over his proposed 100 day plan, looked at his proposed Taxs changes etc. they look ok, depending on your point of view. I encourage every one to do the same if ready to do so. Go find out what he if offering. If it were you in his shoes, would you not want to be given a chance? It's important to look past the rough manners and the painted media portrait of the man from hell. 😊 I have dealt with worse, I can assure you. Though from some of the stuff I see already happening, perhaps that was not to far from the mark. My loving suggestion is when people are ready, they open their mind to see what he is all about. Just as the media painted The Hillary in a unfavorable light, so have they done the same with The Donald. ALL PEOPLE are a mix of both shadow and light, some are more shadow, some are more light. When we deal with someone, we end up dealing with both. All that is occurring, is partly because some or many people are not willing to LISTEN to each other, or simply are just not listening. Some folks want a SUPER conservative America, Some folks want a more liberal and balanced America..I want open, fair and balanced. The Media is a manipulation monster from hell! When everyone chooses to unplug from the fear monster, this world will be an entirely different place! Remember, things are really not what they seem. And if I am seeing this clearly, the Republican Party may end up hanging themselves in the bargain of getting control for the next 4 years. Lets hope the preview of whats to come, is not 50 steps back and drowned in the bargain.