Choosing a Presidential candidate updated

For those who may be undecided in your vote for President. One of the best ways to choose a person for a position is to look OBJECTIVELY at their qualifications/experience, education, and presentation. How prepared and capable are they at doing that specific job?

So we have 4 people running, tho I am only focusing on the main two running for President. I am stripping it very bare here. No looking at policies or proposed promises, just the above!

*We have one person who has not every held a position in government of any kind. (Not that I know of) Though seems to have considered or has run for, but later dropped out, for some political positions over the years. However, they have run large scale businesses ( real estate etc.) for most of their adult life. This is both a plus and a minus. This candidate does not know the ins and outs of the political system, nor has any experience in this arena. But due to their life experience will have a some basic understanding of how to run a business, profit and loss. Their experience will also depend on whether they actually ran the businesses or hired people to do so. In this case, mostly likely hired others to run or manage the business, so they may have very little hands on experience. Much of their life has been spent in the public eye.

*Has a very strong, opinionated, straight forward, tell it like it is personality with zero edit button. Very rough and raw around the edges at times. Tho does appear to have a very soft and vulnerable side, wears a big bravado to cover that up. Seems to be very much a person who its their way or the highway. Also appears unpredictable and can really stir things up. ( This is both a plus and minus, depending on whats getting stirred up!)

*I checked Wikipedia, he does have a BA in Economics. This is a plus.


*We have another candidate who is extremely well qualified. Has been or worked in the political arena a large majority of their life, working in various high level positions. Has a very long list of achievements I believe. ( not sure on that ) Has a very extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the political arena. Spent most of their life in the Public eye.

*Has a very reserved, stoic and polished, professional presentation. Their personality is not as apparent due to their very reserved and distant nature. This could be a self preservation mechanism, which is understandable if working in the world of Politics. They appear very capable, able to handle high levels of stress, appear stable and grounded. Because of their education, (Lawyer) they will have the ability to argue a case or see various sides of an issue. Not likely to be one sided in their viewpoints, most likely to be more balanced or fair minded. And will know the law!

  • Education, I checked Wiki Pedia this candidate has a Jurist Doctorate from Yale. ( Lawyer). Very well educated!

Now, when you look at it from this viewpoint, who would you choose to run the country? Please look past whether they are a man or woman. Look past their political party, look past the apparent lack of integrity on both sides. Look past their platform and promises, look past what they may or may not have done in the past, look past what the media has said about them, what your family or friends have said or what u have read on FB about them!! To be truly objective, we need to observe and think for ourselves. Not be influenced by another persons opinion!!!!!

Simply LOOK OBJECTIVELY at these above things: qualifications, education and presentation. After you have done that, then you can go look at their platform to see what they support and how in alignment you are with those issues. They may have some things that feel in alingment, and some that do not. You have to weight the pros and cons of each of them very carefully. Making a list is very helpful in this case.

For both candidates, this will/would be their first term, so may be more likely to follow through with their promises, as may want to run again in the future. Remember, there is no need to "like" this person. This person is not becoming your friend or moving across the street from you. (They are helping to run the U.S. For the next 4 years.) Rather this is about, who is the best candidate for the position of President. Think of what qualities this person would need to do that specific job. NOW...Who would you chose?