Solstice Timeline Shifts 2016

Note: I posted this on FB 6/23/16

We have had 3 significant timeline shifts the last 3 nights. This last frequency wave at the Solstice was very significant! It has shifted things around in a very different pattern then before. I can see the edges of it in several declarations, statements, articles and FB posts that I see on the newsfeed..( I do not watch TV)

Since the 2012 portal, the seeds have been germinating in the soil, now we will begin to see very tender, tiny sprouts of the Christ Consciousness frequency begin to come to the surface. Let's hope they do not get trampled underfoot of the mass unconsciousness still prevalent in our World.

Regardless, a new day has dawned and whether it's now or 20 years from now, the Christ Consciousness has officially rooted and anchored onto and into our Mother Earth! No going back! Yea! Great job frequency holders, star seeds, light workers and all those who have been helping nurture and anchor this frequency along! Your work is beginning to blossom!