Crystal Grid Frequency Art Cards

Shifting Your Heart Frequency Card

Shifting Your Heart Frequency Card

Crystals are beautiful, multi functional, frequency holders, one of the many keepers of keys and codes here on the Earth Plane, able to hold both information and light.  These amazing beings from the mineral kingdom can help us embrace our developing crystalline light bodies and support us while we shifting into the golden, light filled frequencies of the New 5D Earth.  Crystals are consciousness, with some form of consciousness, just like us and hold specific geometric patterns within their structure.  We do not necessarily need to have a crystal in 3D or the physical realm to be able to experience the benefits, as we can activate to a crystal just by looking at a photo! 

Frequency Art Cards are intuitively created, utilizing crystals, shapes, and colors for various intentions and are infused with a rainbow of light filled energy blessings, include Reiki, Love, Angelic and Light Language Blessings.  Each card comes with 3-5 affirmations that are printed in the back, that you can say while working with the image and or meditating.  On digital prints, the affirmations are included in the email and then you can print out the photo yourself.  Simply by gazing at the picture, our frequency can adjust and expand. 

There are different cards for different purposes and currently, I have 3 CARDS or digital prints available, please see below: Shifting Your Heart Frequency, which can help us to open our heart to giving and receiving more love and light!  Shifting Your Money Frequency card can help us to reconnect to the Universal Mind and attract more wealth and prosperity.  The Light Code Activator Grid can help assist us in creating more light in the auric field.  The Shielding Grid can help with deflecting darker and turbulent energies from our auric field.  The Shielding Grid is currently available in a digital version ONLY.   You can order a card by sending in the form below or calling me at 928-225-6026.  There is a .50 shipping charge for mail ( I can send 5 cards or 3 laminated in one envelope) and tax on all orders.  I can send you a Paypal invoice via email for payment.

Frequency Art Cards: $3 for each 4by6 card or $6 for 4by6 laminated Cards

Frequency Art Card with Affirmations - Digital Photo Sent by email: $3 each

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Disclaimer:  Frequency Art Crystal grids are not intended for diagnoses or replacement of proper medical care.  Use at your own risk. Using these grids does not guarantee any kind of a frequency shift, outcome of any kind.