Flower Essence Consultations

Flower essences are vibration remedies that are useful for helping to resolve the various imbalanced emotional and mental patterns for both humans and animals.  They use the vibratory signature of a specific flower, plant or tree to help shift the emotional and mental state and or pattern of a human or animal.  I have been using them for years and found them most helpful and effective.


Since these are Holistic remedies, vibrational in nature, they can be used along side any other type of treatment a client may be receiving, however, they do often contain a small amount of brandy.  The remedy can be diluted in a glass of water or spray bottle, and while the amount consumed will be minuscule, it’s best to ensure that someone can mix alcohol with any medicines they may be taking.  So its best to not take a flower remedy at the same time as other medicines, especially conventional.

The key with flower remedies is the frequency that they are taken, rather than the amount taken. ( several times a day if needed, then simply stopping when you feel it has done its job) Some emotional and mental patterns are deeply embedded in the cells.  It can take time to bring these issues to the surface and into resolution, as we can be layering off many memories in the process.   How often we take the remedy assists in this very thing.  Once you feel like the pattern has resolved itself, then you simply stop taking the essence.  If the issue comes up again, you can start on your remedy again, if so desired.  Healing often occurs in layers, so it's not uncommon for a long standing emotional or mental issues to come up multiple times for resolution.

Flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach who was by all accounts a very intuitive practitioner, definitely ahead of his time back many moons ago, in the late 1920's- early 1930's.  He worked in a London hospital as an Allopathic Doctor for a brief time, then became ill and left his post.  His love and passion of plants and healing, then begin to take front and center in his life, where he eventually combined the two and began later in his life to experiment with the different plants and flowers he found in the English Countryside, which eventually led to the creation of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.  His contributions to the better understanding of the vibration nature of Flowers is very important and still very significant.

Now days, we have many different companies creating flower and vibrational remedies.   We have the larger and more wildly known companies such as Bach Flower Remedies, FES, and Australian Bush Remedies.  We also have smaller companies and creators such as Bio Luminous Remedies, Dancing with Dragons Vibrational Essences and Pet Essences for our animal companions.  I have worked with all of the above remedies.  There are single remedies available and in some cases, particularly with FES, you can get multi flower formulas to help with specific issues.  Rescue Remedy is one of the most widely known multiple flower remedies that helps in cases of emergency.  It's an excellent remedy to always have on hand! 

The recipe I will create for you, from the assessment, will require you to buy 3-6 single flower essences, which you will then use drops from each essence to create a dosage bottle.  By creating a smaller dosage bottle, where the amount is used in a short time, say 1-5 days, there is no need to add any additional Brandy.  Bach Flower Remedies come in 20 ml sizes and run between $10-$15 each.  FES Remedies are often available in small 0.25 Fl ounces and go up to 1fl oz. sizes.  Single remedies can be used as well for other patterns in the future.  Most Flower Practitioners feel that remedies do not expire, as long as the remedy is stored in a cool, dark and dry place.  All of the above remedies can be found on the Internet and Bach flower remedies are now available in Health Food stores supplement section such as Whole Foods Or Natural Grocers.  I will ask if you have a preference in the assessment form.

The Flower Essence Assessments I offer are geared towards creating a 3-6 flower formula for your specific needs.  You will complete a questionnaire ( sent via email) and after careful review, I will create a recipe for you.  I will send the recipe to you, via email, along with the type of essences I have chosen to use in the formula, where you can buy them, the drop count for your dosage bottle, how to make your dosage bottle, and specific affirmations you can say to assist you.  I can do the consultation in several ways, either on the phone or by email.  Flower remedies are for emotional and mental patterns.  They do not work for physical aliments and are not intended to be used for physical illness. These consultations to DO NOT diagnose any kind of mental, emotional or physical illness of any kind.  You can add a email Flower remedy consultation onto any Intuitive Consultation or a MD Healing session you are going to have as well.  To set up a consultation, you can phone, text or send in the form below to get started.


Flower Remedy Consultations: Phone Session: $90 • Email Session: $75

Flower Remedy Email Consultation added to Intuitive or MD healing Sessions: $30


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Disclaimer: Flower Essence Consultations are for information purposes and holistic assistance.  They DO NOT diagnose any physical, mental or emotional conditions, preform any type of medical treatments or interfere with the treatment of a Licensed medical profession.   If you have any medical conditions, ailments, or psychological issues, please see your Primary Licensed Medical Health Care Practitioner.  There is no guaranteed results or outcomes of any kind with this sessions.