Fairy Inspiration Cards

© A Celestial Solution  Images created by Tracy Dunbar ** www.moonoveinc.com  ** Please treat others the way you want to be treated and do not download these images onto your computer. :)  Thank you for supporting our work! 

The Fairy Inspiration Cards

Being a FAY, I just had to create something about fairies.  In the Fall of 2011, I got the idea of a Reiki Fairy deck and called upon my Reiki Lil Sis, Tracy Dunbar, also a fellow Reiki Master, for assistance.   Tracy has done all of the art work on these beautiful fairy images and I tell their stories. :)  :)  It takes us both in this case, to bring these most beautiful beings to life.  It's funny how the Universe works, as what started out as an intention to create a deck, ended up with the Fairy Inspiration cards instead!

 I have now fully birthed 6 Fairy cards, the Dream, Cosmos, Fire, Air, Crystal and Fortune Fairies.   It will take me awhile to get them all done, as we have 40+ images at present!   A list of fairies and the images is coming soon! 

Purchasing the Fairy Inspiration Cards

Each Fairy Inspiration card is printed on a card stock, similar to a post card and has the Fairy image on the front with an inspiring message from the specific fairy, on the back.  All cards are infused with additional light energies; a rainbow of Reiki, Love, Light, Fairy, Angelic and Light Language Blessings.  These are not your run of the mill inspiration cards! :)  

**Each Image is $3 each or a Laminated Version suitable for an alter or table for $6.

**  Tax for all states is 9.35%.  Shipping and Handling is $1 for 5 cards or for 3 laminated cards.  It goes up a $1 for each additional 5/3 your order.

 For now, if you are interested in purchasing any Fairy Cards seen above, please send in the form below and be sure to include your email address, home address and what images you want.  I will send u an confirmation email and a Paypal invoice for payment.  :)

About the Artist

  Tracy Dunbar Photo © Teresa Raficli

Tracy Dunbar Photo © Teresa Raficli

Tracy Dunbar was raised in Dallas, Texas where she was not satisified with the paved world, so she started drawing to escape and to construct new realities at the age of 4.  She has not stopped making marks since! At the age of 22, she had a monumental life experience that took her investigations into art and the nature of reality in an entirely new direction.  She hopes her images reflect such an inward investigation.  Her most prominent influences are Hieronymus Bosch, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Mario Martinez, Jean-Michel Basquiat, graffiti art, some comic book art and various cartoons and anime. 

Tracy has always enjoyed playing with the fairies and was excited to commemorate them in this project with Heyde Faye Class.  Currently, Tracy resides in Portland, Oregon where she is enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest and is busy finishing up some illustration projects.  She is also preparing to make an entire new body of visual Artwork.

Please check out Tracy work at http://www.moonloveinc.com 

About the Message Creator

Heyde Class has always loved fairies and with the middle name of FAYE, there is no doubt she was and/or is, a Fairy in some other life time or parallel life!   One day, she got a very loud and clear message, that many fairies were ready to come out and show themselves.  She knew she was the chosen person for the task for these specific fairies, but had no clue how to draw!  After she attended her second Reiki Master class in July, 2011, she met who is now loving called her Reiki Lil sis, Tracy Dunbar.  A few months later after seeing one of her clever fairy drawings, Heyde knew without a shadow of a doubt, that Tracy was her creating partner for this Fairy project!  The origin intent was to create a deck, but three years later and alot of thought, the Fairy Inspiration Cards were birthed instead!   You can read more about Heyde, under the Life as a Wayseer tab!

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