Crystal Chakra Bag © A Celestial Solution

Crystal Chakra Bag © A Celestial Solution

Crystal Chakra kits can be really handy!   Each kit comes with a small silk bag that contains 7 crystals that can be used to help balance and clear each chakra center and a small 4 by 6 card that gives some information about the 7 main chakras.   All crystals come labeled and with an information card on how to use them for chakra balancing.  When you order a kit, I am choosing the crystals for you, so they will be more attuned to your energy field.  I then clear the crystals, and infuse them with Reiki and a Light Language blessing.  I view crystals as my friends, who are sentient, sovereign beings, so I just ask for their help!  Some crystals prefer to work behind the scenes, while others want to work with humans,  while some may just want to sit in a bowl or basket and be.  I choose only the ones that want to work with you.  The basic kit contains the following crystals:

  • Red Jasper for the 1st chakra

  • Orange Carnelian for the 2nd chakra

  • Citrine for the 3rd chakra

  • Rose Quartz for the 4th chakra

  • Blue Lace Agate for the 5th chakra

  • Amethyst for the 6th chakra

  • Clear Quartz for the 7th chakra

If I get the hit, that one of the crystals listed above is not a good fit for you, I will replace it with another suitable stone.  At the moment, the crystals I have are rather large sized, which the price reflects.  Currently, the only way to order these bags is by calling me at 928-225-6026, or sending me any email at or sending in the form below.

Crystal Chakra Bags: $24

TAX, Shipping and handling IS additional

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