Classes By Phone

I have learned over the years, that most folks do best by learning and absorbing information in smaller bits of time.   The information is easier to digest and we do not tend to get distracted as much.  Also many folks do better learning in a one on one setting and it's so much easier to ask questions!  I am currently offering private classes via phone, Skype or Face Time, which are listed below.   There is no homework involved or certification's.  Each class is an introduction, a quick way to learn a large amount of information, as classes like this are not usually taught in the mainstream. 

Class time can be divided into either 30 or 60 minutes intervals and spread out over time.  Please remember with such short class times, it may take more than one class to get all the information you may be desiring.  I do my best to share as much as possible with you, during your class time, without becoming overwhelming.  While each class has basic information, since we are all at different stages of evolution, content is customized to fit you specifically.  You can schedule a session via text, phone or send in the form below.  I send an invoice via Paypal for payment, which is due prior to your class time.

   30 minutes class:  $30   60 minute class: $60


*Introduction to Ascension:

An intro class on the art and science of Ascension.

*Introduction to Color therapy:

An intro class on the utilizing color in your life, from decorating, clothing choices and even using it for healing.

*Introduction to Crystals:

An introduction on learning about crystals and how to use them in your life.

*Introduction to Multi Dimensional Energy Healing:

An introduction to the basics of multi dimensional energy healing and/or releasing Earth Bound Spirit attachments. Special Note: before taking this intro class, it is best that you have a great understanding of the chakras and the auric field and ideally, have some knowledge about energy healing and or have learned atleast Reiki level 2. You can also take the Intro to chakras and the auric field first if needed.

*Introduction to The Chakras and Or the auric Field:

An introduction to the basic and or expanded chakra system of the body and or the Auric fields.

*Shifting Your Money Frequency:

For those who want to amp up their ability to not only create abundance, but also to really receive it.  This class will help you examine your current beliefs about money and your ability to receive this energy.

*Miscellaneous - General Overview

This class covers all those questions you may have about Metaphysical topics.

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