So What's Your Color?

Aura Photo © A Celestial Solution

Aura Photo © A Celestial Solution

Through Aura Photography, we can get a glimpse of the every changing colors that are in the electromagnetic energy fields that surrounds us all, better known as our auric field.  We often have a "signature" color, however, aura colors are not static, instead they change, literally, in seconds in some cases, depending on what we are doing or who or what, we might be interacting with.   Colors in our auric field can vary, as do their meanings.   Say we see Red in your auric field, that could possibly denote feelings of anger or fear but it can also denote a passionate, loving nature or someone who is a go getter!  Yellow could be someone who is successful, creative, social or a "big" thinker.  If the yellow is a muddy color, than that person could be very stressed or fatigued.  Green could be someone who is very nurturing, loving, a natural healer!  Or it could denote someone who may be experiencing some kind of healing themselves.  Every aura tells a tale, and that is where an Aura reading comes in handy!  Some readers can discern much information from reading your aura such as major life events etc., while others will tell you about the state and condition of your energy field and chakras.  

The Auric Field or the Etheric Bodies

The seven layers of the auric field and the seven chakras © A Celestial Solution

The seven layers of the auric field and the seven chakras © A Celestial Solution


There are 7 main layers of the Aura, which are known as the Etheric bodies and they correspond to each of the seven main chakra centers.   The names of these layers will vary, depending on who might be sharing the information.  I keep it simple, the first 4 layers are the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Intuitive Bodies.  These are the inner layers of the aura and look like they are stacked on top of one another.  The outer layers are known by many different names, I call them the Sound, Psychic and Soul Bodies.  The Sound and Psychic bodies form like a pyramid shape, with the Sound and Psychic bodies slightly off center to each side respectively and the Soul Body in the center.  Etheric bodies may be floating center, plane or parallel, depending on the person.   If you have every experienced feeling slightly "out of kilter" this may be from one of the etheric bodies, being slightly out of alignment, flipped up or down or even spinning. 

As do our chakras, the ethereal spinning vortexes, inside of our DNA Skin Suit, our auric field needs to be cleared and cleaned on a daily basis.  We can run energy down through the chakra column, take a sea salt bath, use a essential oil blend or sage stick to clear our energy bodies, and ideally this is done daily.  I also do a auric field realignment to help get the auric fields back on line.  I also teach HOW to do this in my Cosmic Chakra Yoga Class.  See the tab under Classes, for more details on how to learn how to take care of your energy anatomy.


The Chakras or Energy Centers

There are 7 main energy centers in the body that are in the shape of a wheel, spinning in a circular motion, serving as gateways to allow information ( energy) in and out.  They line up the spine, starting at base of the spine and end at the top of the head.  Each energy center or chakra has a different name, function, location, lesson and are "open" in various levels.  Many people have different takes on the chakras, so there is a lot of variance and viewpoints when it comes to the functions of the chakras.  In my mind, all are valid and I just go with what rings true for me.  We also have more than just 7 main chakras, with others such as the Soul Star, Higher Heart, and Zeal Point to name a few, with some located in our feet and hands, and above and below head and feet as well.   I am only listing the 7 main energy centers below.  

The seven main chakras © A Celestial Solution

The seven main chakras © A Celestial Solution

**  It is now recognized that the chakras are evolving in both shape and color as our bodies begin to hold more light and especially for those who are doing their Ascension work.   As we move into multi dimensional consciousness, we add new "overlays" to our chakra gateways.  The 5th dimensional chakra shape is the Infinity symbol with our base chakra, now residing in our Heart center.**  Rooting are foundation into our Love Center! 

  • The Root or 1st chakra is red:  Envision tree roots growing out of your feet and into the earth!  This chakra is our foundation, it helps keep us grounded and is appropriately located at the base of the spine. This chakra serves as our support and deals with our basic needs and what helps us feel safe and secure.

  • The Sacral or 2nd chakra is orange:  This is the birth place of our creative ideas!  If you can envision planting seeds ( in this case, in your 2nd chakra) and then a beautiful plant bursting forth, ( in this case, our ideas manifesting into physical reality) you will get the general idea!  This chakra is our creative energy force coming to life.  It is located just below the belly button and deals with our emotions, sex, passion, fertility and abundance.

  • The Solar Plexus or 3rd chakra is yellow:  Envision and feel the power of the Sun!  This chakra is the power center, located right above your belly button, around the tummy area and helps us to assimilate and digest life.  Here we will find our personal power, along with our self-confidence and self-esteem.   

  • The Heart or 4th chakra is emerald green:  Feel the LOVE!  This chakra serves as the bridge between the lower and upper three chakras, and is located around the middle of the chest.  It's here, we find the home of LOVE, both for ourselves and others.  This where the well of infinite possibilities exist, the zero point frequency, our Creator center of balance!  Our clairsentience or our intuitive ability to feel or sense is also located here, but I believe it also can be found in the 2nd and 3rd chakra as well.  

  • The Throat or 5th chakra is blue:  When we listen to talk radio!  This chakra is home to our ability to communicate, to share our truth and is located around the throat/mouth area.  This chakra is also a creative center, because we are taking our voice and turning it into a "creation" through our words!  The psychic abilities of  Clairgustance, which is the ability to intuitively "taste" without putting anything in our mouth and Clairolfaction which is our ability to intuitively "smell" when nothing near us "smells" of that scent and is located in the 5th and 6th chakra.  

  • The Third Eye or 6th chakra is indigo:  Envision our Psychic Eye!  This chakra is home to our intuition, our ability to "see" or clairvoyance and is located right in the middle of the forehead.  It helps us with psychic sight and insight, visualization, spiritual perception, inspired thoughts and divine guidance.  

  • The Crown or 7th chakra is violet:  Envision a lovely jeweled crown!  Here we have our spiritual connection, which is located at the top of the head.  This chakra helps to give us a sense of Oneness, and is home to our inner knowing or claircognizance.  This center is what keeps us connected to our true source, creation.

Crystals to Help Balance the Chakra's

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