Animal communication for our Beloved Fur friends with Rates starting at $60 for 30 minutes.

Celebrating Leo's birthday, with a pool pawty, many moons ago!  Leo has since crossed over, (middle) along with his adopted sister Sabrina, the blond bombshell to the right, and little Miss Grace is still with me!

Celebrating Leo's birthday, with a pool pawty, many moons ago!  Leo has since crossed over, (middle) along with his adopted sister Sabrina, the blond bombshell to the right, and little Miss Grace is still with me!

Talking with animals is such a delight.  I have chatted with many different animals over the years, such as horses, cows, dogs, cats, pigs and even a few spiders.  Their unique perspective on life is both enlightening and profound.  Many humans are at a bit of a disadvantage when speaking with animals,  as they do not yet, speak "telepathic" which is most animals language of choice.  And while, all humans can speak telepathy, it is not yet at this time, widely utilized with the general populace.  So for now, animal communicators such as myself, can step in and help bridge the gap.   I can not time tell you HOW many times, I have had a an animal tell me thank you for listening or say to me, we have been waiting for someone to share what we have to say!  Animals are usually very direct and to the point, which may be uncomfortable for their person to hear.  What is obvious to them, may not be obvious to us!

Animals will often send out many non verbal signals and or verbal cues to we humans, to tell us what is going on with them.  They may communicate in many ways including telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyance!  The trick is to be able to understand and decipher what they are communicating!  I often receive information from animals in many ways, including mental pictures or words, impressions, feelings and even smells sometimes.  After being a Cat and Dog Mom for several decades and an animal communicator since 2007, sometimes I have to think that through a bit with my little pint, sized, dog child.  So if you find that you are having a rough go of it, trying to figure out what and why FiFi is doing the rumba dance by your bed every night, I may be of service!  I work best with dog, cats and horses.  I do not need to be with the animal in person, as telepathy travels! (LOL)  Seriously though, all readings can be done over the phone or text.  I prefer to utilize a picture and then give you my perceptions via email or phone.  Once you are an established client, I will also do sessions via text or Messenger! 

From my experience over the years, most of my animal communication sessions are around 30 - 45ish minutes.  If I am not picking up anything from your fur friend, I will tell you and there is no charge.  Also, if I do not feel like I am the best communicator for the specific circumstance, then I will refer you to another communicator.  Also, please do not be surprised if the animal's behavior is linked to you specifically, meaning they are trying to help you with something!  Consultations often have some intuitive counseling mixed in for the human.  If I feel like the animal friend could use a spot of Reiki, or energy shifting, I will also send just a few minutes to them, with yours and their permission.  The Reiki is free of charge as I usually send less then five minutes. 

Animals are sovereign free will beings, here on this planet to learn, evolve and grow, just like us. We do NOT own them, nor do we have any control over their actions.  We can have a chat with an animal, however, that does not mean they will comply or cooperate or even listen.  We as human Moms and Dads and or guardians are here to serve and support our animal friends in their growth and evolution, the best we are able and love them unconditionally.  To me, this is the greatest service, we give them.  We have soul contracts with our animal friends, just like we do with humans. We learn from each other! 

You can use the form below to request an appointment or call or text me at 928-225-6026.  These sessions can be done over the phone, email, text, Messenger or via video conferencing ONLY. ( No In person sessions)  Pictures can be sent via text message, Messenger or email.  After an initial consultation, any additional questions, I may be able to be answered via email or text.  Yes I do text session regularly for several established clients!  Please see below for rates.  

Special Note: If you have an animal companion who is lost, I may be of service and I have a special rate for these cases.  Also if you are a established Client, I am now offering what I call "Emergency or On Call Check Ins.  Some times we need a Communicator if our animal companions is ill or needs help immediately.  In these cases, I offer a $2 per minute flat rate and I can chat over the phone, text or email.   This service is available to established clients ONLY!  I just had a case like this and what I was able to give the animal Mom valuable information that she relayed to the Vet and it was most helpful.  Please understand, I am just an Animal communicator and I am not able to diagnose, ( Only Vets allowed to do that) however, I can share with you what I am receiving from your Animal companions.  If you happen to have a single question or two, and are an established Client, I am now offering email questions.  See the page Scheduling a Session for more details on email questions.

"After a very difficult move, one of our cats escaped from our new house and was missing.  We were in a foreign country with a severe storm on the way and our cat was out in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  We were frantic to find him before night came.  Heyde came to the rescue and was able to communicate with our cat.  Literally minutes after she connected with him, he showed up at our front door, meowing to be let in.  I have used Heyde, several other times for insights on other concerns with our pets as well, to strengthen our relationship with them, through understanding their needs better.  She is an awesome resource for us and our four legged members of our family."
— Kate A. - Cottonwood, AZ.


*$60 For 30 minutes   * $75 For 45 minutes    *$90 for 60 minutes

 If your animal Companions is Lost I may be of service: Special Rate: $15 for 30 minutes

Emergency or On CalL Check ins and Or Email Questions for Established Clients Only:

Upfront Pay of $25-$100: billed at $2 per minute

See Scheduling a Session page for more details on Email Sessions.


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Disclaimer: Animal communication sessions are for information purposes only and come with no guarantees to the accuracy of the information received.   These sessions do not diagnose any animal medical conditions, nor treat any kind of diseases.  If your animal companion is sick or ill, please take them to licensed Veterinarian immediately.